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Valuation & Business Modelling

NG Finance is an expert in company or discrete asset valuation (i.e. tangible and intangible constituents for sale or litigation). We intervene in various frameworks and we are using the most efficents methods to value companies, tangible (inventory, industrial equipments, lands, etc.) and intangible assets (brands, patents, clients portfolio, etc.).

Transaction Advisory

NG Finance also offers various services in strategic and financial advisory. We provide Due Diligence assistance and all sensitivity analysis to support your needs. We can also assist your company to find funds for your development.

Financial Reporting

An independent expert opinion often helps to evaluate and improve the relevance of management tools developed in a society. The financial, commercial and industry experience of our firm allows us to carry out reviews of your financial and operational models in order to assist you in optimizing these. Our consulting firm has developed, for his customers, it’s own reporting and cash management tool: NGFI Report©.